The Rave The Planet Parade is a political demonstration. On 08 July, 2023, we will demonstrate for peace and for the preservation of electronic music and club culture, as well as the recognition of its cultural and social achievements.


But what is the actual question?

“Rave The Planet” is our name and our mission statement. This was already part of the vision of the first Love Parade, back in 1989: if it was repeated every year, other people could be inspired to organize parades themselves. At some point, techno parades would take place all over the world, on the same day, and through dancing together, people would realize that they are all part of the same family – the family of humans on this planet. Then, world peace would automatically emerge.

We are firmly convinced: Electronic music always had and still has the power to make the world a better place. It brings us together peacefully, without making a difference. Techno parades are open and free for all people, no matter what nation, religion, color, gender, class, social background and so on.

Music is our common language and our means of understanding. Music makes our hearts beat together as one. Music enables us to overcome the divisive and strengthens the unifying power.

Therefore: Don’t talk – dance! Music is the answer.

List of political demands:

  1. Recognition of electronic music culture as a cultural asset worthy of protection, with reference to our UNESCO application for the recognition of “Techno Culture” as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  2. Equal status for electronic music culture with all other established cultural forms and institutions, as well as equal claims and opportunities for government funding.

  3. Protection of clubs and other venues as cultural sites.

  4. Unconditional basic income for artists and cultural workers.

  5. Implementation of the public holiday “Day Of Electronic Music Culture”, annually on the second Saturday in July (traditional day of the Berlin Love Parade).

  6. A general and nationwide abolition of all dance bans, especially on Christian holidays.

  7. The right to cultural and non-verbal dance and music demonstrations, free of compulsory verbal contributions, so that demonstrations, in particular of electronic music culture, are in principle legally recognized as assemblies in the sense of § 8 GG (German Constitution).

  8. Peace and the disarmament on all levels, also interpersonal. 

What remains, what will change?

What remains is that we’re calling for a demonstration. We will demonstrate for the same values like the participants of the Love Parade, when they took to the streets:

Love, peace, friendship, solidarity, diversity, humanity, respect and of course music, music, music.

There will be a parade through the city of Berlin, representing the colorful diversity of electronic music culture in both music and spoken word.

The complete program of the demonstration will be available here soon.

The new parade has a different name and is not called Love Parade (for reasons known), but “Rave The Planet Parade”.

Sustainability & non-profit

Together with our partners, we are working on concepts for a climate-friendly parade. All collaborations follow the principle of bringing the greatest possible benefit to culture and those who create culture.

Sunday is “Clean-up Day”. We want to leave no trace. Our team, supported by many volunteers and an initiative of the Berlin city cleaning BSR, will remove all garbage from the Tiergarten park.

Clean-ups were already a standard procedure back in the days of the Berlin Love Parade, but happened without public notice. Now, we’re doing it loudly, publicly and all together. Join our ECO TEAM!

TEAM 2023: We Need You!

team 2023 volunteers

Music is the answer – let’s make it loud! A demonstration thrives on participation. Without the help of volunteers, we are not able to hold the parade.

Like any other non-profit organization, Rave The Planet needs the support of people and institutions who want to get things moving.

We need reinforcement at the following:

? Route Safety

? Awareness Team

? Donation Team

? Eco Team (Clean-up Day)

You want to become a crew member?

Feel warmly invited to join us! Register now on our online platform:

You make it possible – donate now!

The Love Parade was a big, colorful holiday for electronic music and techno culture. Millions of people from around the world became closer together by dancing in the streets of Berlin.

We want to preserve this spirit with you!

Please help with a donation to make the Rave The Planet Parade possible, again.


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