2nd Clean-Up Day

Crew, Friends & Volunteers // everybody's welcome


On our 1st Clean-Up Day right after the Rave The Planet Parade we deeply cleaned 134 hectares of the Tiergarten park with 50 volunteers.

On November 26, 2022, we want to send another signal together with you: against consumerism and for more environmental protection and sustainability. Together we’ll once again clean up both the garbage and the prejudices.

Come join us and show that for us ravers nature is also precious and that we all love our Tiergarten.

Meeting point: U Hansaplatz – to be confirmed

For this 2nd Clean-up Day we’re again supported by BSR Kehrenbürger and the district office of Berlin-Mitte. Thank you very much!


Why on this day?

The upcoming  Black Friday (Nov. 25, 2022) has expanded over the years to become Black Week. Millions of people worldwide go on the hunt for supposed “bargains”. In the process, they end up also buying a huge amount of unnecessary stuff and on top of that, produce tons of garbage.

The following Cyber Monday, start of the Christmas sales in the online stores, is to extend the duration of the consumption streak. In just these few days, billions in additional sales are being generated. In the process, waste of resources and questionable production conditions in low-wage countries become a minor matter. Human rights and environmental protection become subordinate to dumping prices.

With our 2nd Rave The Planet Clean-Up Day we “occupy” the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday positively, and make it the #GreenSaturday. For a livable planet, where future generations can still rave peacefully.


Why again in Tiergarten?

As the children of the Berlin Love Parade, we have a personal relationship with this place. The stories we’ve experienced there can hardly be imagined. We danced together naked in the rain and sweatily stomped peace into the ground. The green heart of Berlin has brought our hearts closer together.

The Tiergarten has been the scene of our lived dream of a better world for decades and shall always remain so. That’s why we want to pay our respects to this special spot on the planet, honor and cherish it as a place of longing for electronic music culture.


You’re unable to join us in Berlin?

No problem at all. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! Just organize your own #GreenSaturday clean-up in your area. The more we become and the more locations we include, the better.

We are movement! Rave the planet = save the planet!




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event info

Start:26.11.2022 @ 11:00
End:26.11.2022 @ 15:00
Genres:Environmental protection

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