Der weiße Hase

Alex Automatik // Berlin
Ben Remus // Der Weiße Hase, KitKat Club
DeKai // Ragnarøk, Berlin
Drauf & Dran // Style Rockets, Volume Berlin Records
Haito // Boxer Rec., Spagat Music
Hardy Hard // Hardhouse, Low Spirit, Bass Planet
Maschine // Der weiße Hase, Berlin
PUK // KitKat Club, Der weiße Hase, Berlin
Roland Broemmel // Kuukou, Ballroom Black, Klangtrauma
Tragik // KitKatClub, Der weiße Hase, Berlin


After the massive success last year, “Der weiße Hase” is back in 2023 with their own float at the parade. And because partying with the rabbits (German: Hasen) is always a blast, the fun doesn’t stop after the demonstration!

Get ready for the most intimate and homely afterparty Berlin has to offer, spread across two floors. We’ll be celebrating the spirit of the 90s and early 2000s with a blend of Techno, Tech House, and a touch of House, all mixed with the sounds of today. Our motto: Celebrate peacefully together with music and love. Music is the answer!!!

“We’re a bunch of exotic individuals who provide you with freedom, diversity, and a one-of-a-kind space of retreat. Join in and you’ll feel the true family vibes!”


Official Afterparty

As one of 4 official Rave The Planet afterparties, it also serves a good cause. All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly into Rave The Planet’s non-profit aims including the financial support of the parade and other cultural projects.

Get your tickets now!

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event info

Start:08.07.2023 @ 23:00
End:09.07.2023 @ 14:00
Venue:Der Weisse Hase
Genres:House, Techhouse, Techno

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