Fundraving Model & Exhibition

Rave The Planet // Crew & Volunteers

Rave The Planet collects donations for a new parade in Berlin, with a very special fundraising project: We call it Fundraving!

And this is how it works: In our online donation shop we offer a varying selection of mini-ravers (scale 1:87) that can be donated for the Fundraving model. The donation starts at only €5 and everybody in the world can participate. There are different categories and locations such as ravers on the street or on lanterns, trees, love floats etc.

The goal is to set up up to 1.5 million mini ravers. The number is of course symbolic for the 1,500,000 people who celebrated peacefully together in 1999 at the biggest Love Parade ever.

The Fundraving model is located at a very special place in Berlin, the former Tresor Garden at Leipziger Straße 130, where legendary afterparties were held back in the Love Parade days. The model should show how much you really want a new parade. It works like a mood barometer and always shows where we currently stand with fundraising. So the fuller it gets and the faster it fills up, the better!


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event info

Start:13.01.2020 @ 17:00
End:31.12.2020 @ 23:59
Venue:Former Tresor Garden
Genres:Electronic, Exhibition

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