Instant Rave #005 w/ Wurzelfestival – LIVESTREAM

André Gawlitza // Wurzelfestival
Je Saré // Wurzelfestival
Zusan // Wurzelfestival

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Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival (eng. „back to the roots“) is a festival of diversity. On all levels: There are no huge stages, you celebrate with the DJ’s at eye level, to all facets of electronic music, to reggae, live bands and disco. There are diverse workshops, art exhibitions and installations in the middle of a beautiful environment. The aim is to make everything inclusive and barrier-free and to pay attention to sustainability and social interaction.


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André Gawlitza is resident DJ at the Wurzelfestival and one of those Berlin talents who hide in the thicket of the urban jungle to suddenly shine like a beacon. His melodic, expressive sets directly catch the audience and a mix of euphoria and longing flows through the dancing bodies. Close eyes, open ears.

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Je Saré started spinning with vinyl only, under the name „Malice“ in 2011. She had her musical development in 2018 and decided to move further under her newborn alias „Je Saré“. Quickly followed by her record labels „Je Saré Music“ and „Solanum Records“ which stands for music without any rules. Fully comparable with her DJ performance, which is in her own special, energetic and truly charismatic way.

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Zusan from district Neukölln loves the city of Berlin with all its people and the crazy stories that can only happen here. From her childhood on, she listens to and loves music in all its colorful variety and so it was natural for her to combine her love for music with her profession. With this, and her warm personality, she manages to fill groovy driving sets with warmth and regularly draws the entire audience under her spell.

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15:00-16:00 André Gawlitza
16:10-17:10 Je Saré
17:20-18:30 Zusan

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event info

Start:28.03.2020 @ 15:00
End:28.03.2020 @ 18:30
Venue:Planet Earth
Genres:Electronic, Techhouse, Techno

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