Instant Rave #008

Alan Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000 // Tresor, BPitch Control
Eve Schwarz // DVTN, Berlin
Pascal Hetzel // Eye Teeth, Caduceus Rec.

Alan Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000

Detroit’s Renaissance Man, Alan Oldham, also known as DJ T-1000, is equally known for his global DJ sets and driving techno productions for Tresor, BPitch Control, Third Ear, Suspected and other labels as he is for his legendary artwork for such classic labels as Djax-Up-Beats and Transmat. The multi-talent now resides full time in Berlin.

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Eve Schwarz

Coming from the late 90’s era, Eve Schwarz has never truly stopped being a raver. Having developed her roots in the former techno stronghold Frankfurt am Main, now this DJ continues to ignite in Berlin. With highly inspired and unique tracks reflective of the decade, her sets fuse distortion and clarity, industrial noise and impulsive emotions, always with a rough, edgy base.

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Pascal Hetzel

Pascal Hetzel is one of the international residents at Dubai’s famed club Analog Room. Over time, he emerged a very specific style with his own interpretation of classic sounds. He combines dark strains of industrial-tinged Techno with an oldschool sensibility abd incorporates heavy Drones, classic Electro and the odd Breakbeat.

The harder, more driving techno and electro variations are released under his own name on Caduceus Records, Expansion Unit, Constant Variables or Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions sub-label Eye Teeth. While he shows his more melodic, old school referencing side in his project CYRK, alongside his partner Sammy Goosens.

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14:30-15:30 Pascal Hetzel
15:45-16:45 Alan Oldham Music a.k.a. DJ T-1000
17:00-18:00 Eve Schwarz

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event info

Start:18.04.2020 @ 14:30
End:18.04.2020 @ 18:00
Genres:Detroit Techno, Techno

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