Rave The Planet & Friends

Dr. Motte // drmotte.de, Berlin
Tomasz Guiddo // Compost, Fine Coincidence

& Friends: Morris Fitch, Mean Deen, Maschine, Rafa FX, DAVE, BISK


„Great projects only succeed with a great team!“ – Dr. Motte

Many wonderful people have volunteered to help make the Rave The Planet Parade 2022 such a big success. Above all, the safety and awareness teams, but also friends like the crew from the club Der weisse Hase, who have always provided us with space and technology for the crew workshops and livestreams.

On Thursday, 29 Septemer 2022, we’ll be celebrating all these people!

After a small, internal BBQ, we’ll have a decent rave. Join us from 23:00 and meet the people who rocked the Rave The Planet Parade together!

Dr. Motte and Tomasz Guiddo of our Rave The Planet crew alongside d.OHA!se and the Hasen residents will deliver good vibes and phat sound on two floors.


Current admission rules:

  • only friendly & nice people welcome
  • only cash payment

No resscode or other special entry criteria.



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event info

Start:29.09.2022 @ 23:00
End:30.09.2022 @ 08:00
Venue:Der Weisse Hase
Genres:Deep House, Techno

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