The Rave The Planet Parade is a cultural-political dance and music demonstration where we advocate for peace and the protection of electronic music culture. We want its cultural and social contributions to be recognized and appreciated.

Motto for the 2024 Parade

In the tradition of the original Love Parade, we come together every year in Berlin for the Rave The Planet Parade, spreading a message of peace, community, and solidarity. It’s a beacon of hope for a better world!

The past few years have been tough – COVID pandemic, social division, political extremism, wars. The world feels chaotic, and these are uncertain times. Uncertainty breeds mistrust, which turns into fear and then into hate. Feelings become thoughts, thoughts become words, and words become actions.

But we can break this cycle! That’s why it’s more important than ever to stand together and treat each other with respect and love.

This year’s motto, “LOVE IS STRONGER”, is a powerful reminder. It calls for peaceful, inclusive, and respectful interactions with each other and our planet.

Love is stronger than fear, anger, or hate. Love is something everyone can embrace. Love is the universal language that connects us all.

Our passion for electronic music and dancing unites us – in clubs, at events, at festivals. With the Rave The Planet Parade, we bring love to the streets! Open and free for everyone who wants to join – and share the love.

Love as much as you can! And take that love home, to your families, to your friends, to your countries, to your world. Together, we can overcome division with empathy, kindness, and love. Let’s create the foundation for a good life together: LOVE IS STRONGER.


We’re organizing the Rave The Planet Parade with a non-profit spirit, aiming to do good for the techno community and electronic music culture.

However, it costs a lot of money to organize this parade. To cover these costs, our funding relies on two main pillars: sponsors—companies or organizations that support us with money or other resources—and donations from you.

Both are equally important to ensure the parade can take place.

Thanks for your support!


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