Our Political Demands

For Peace and the Future of Electronic Music and Club Culture

The Rave The Planet Parade is more than just a demonstration – it’s a powerful symbol of peace, love, and unity. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Berlin Love Parade, we’re dedicated to preserving and promoting the values of techno culture.

Since we kicked off as a non-profit organization (rave the planet gGmbH) back in 2019, our mission has been to keep the original vibes and spirit of Berlin’s iconic Love Parade alive while also shining a light on important social and political issues.

With this year’s demonstration themed “LOVE IS STRONGER”, we aim to highlight our eight key political demands, ensuring the future of electronic music and club culture.

We demand:

1. A legal clarification of assembly laws to ensure that all non-verbal dance and music demonstrations, where dance and music serve as the sole means of political expression, are unequivocally recognized as assemblies under Article 8 of the German Basic Law.

2. The preservation and protection of electronic music culture as UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage and the enhancement of societal recognition of its cultural and social contributions.

3. The equalization of electronic music culture with other established art and cultural forms, particularly the abolition of the outdated distinction between serious music and entertainment music – also known as “E and U music”. (In German, E music refers to serious or “Ernste Musik”, while U music refers to entertainment or “Unterhaltungsmusik”.)

4. Protection of clubs and venues of electronic music, akin to the safeguards enjoyed by state and established cultural institutions such as theaters, opera houses, and museums.

5. A modern update of noise protection and building regulations to enable genuine cultural urban development for everyone.

6. The abolishment of all statutory dance bans, particularly on so-called silent holidays, in order to uphold the separation of religion and state and foster a tolerant society that embraces and safeguards the diversity of lifestyles.

7. The establishment of an annual statutory holiday celebrating electronic music culture on the second Saturday of July, the traditional day of the Berlin Love Parade.

8. Peace and disarmament at all levels, from interpersonal relations to global measures.

Make a difference

The Rave The Planet Parade thrives on the energy and commitment of all participants. Together, we can send a powerful message and effect real change. Become part of the movement!

Join us and march for peace and the future of electronic music and club culture. Bring your friends, dance peacefully through the streets, and make your contribution to the theme “LOVE IS STRONGER”.


◼︎ Demo Signs & Banners: Bring your own creative signs and banners to make the parade’s message visible.

◼︎ Creative Outfits & Costumes: Become your own canvas and make a colorful, joyful statement for diversity and tolerance.

◼︎ Social Media: Share your experiences and parade pics/videos with the hashtags #ravetheplanet and #loveisstronger to help us reach even more people.

Team 2024

Want to do more?

Join the Parade Team 2024 and help us organize and execute this unforgettable experience. Together, we can create a powerful and peaceful demonstration.

We’re not just offering you the chance to meet new people and expand your network, but also to enhance your skills through our free workshop program, as we collectively prepare for the big day ahead.

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