OUT NOW: Supporter Series Vol. 005

Ramiro Lopez, Ingrid (IT), Antonio D'Africa & Sall

It’ s summertime, open airs are finally back and we bring you the soundtrack for long nights under the starry sky. We’re excited to present the 5th edition of the „RAVE THE PLANET – Supporter Series“ featuring tracks by Ramiro Lopez, Ingrid (IT) and a collaboration from Antonio D’Africa & Sall.

“RAVE THE PLANET – Supporter Series Vol. 005” supplies three techno weapons perfect for peak time moments on the dance floor. As usual, all proceeds from sales will go directly into Rave The Planet’s non-profit projects.

Available from 25 June, 2021, on Beatport and Spotify.

„Heaven Closer“ by Antonio D’Africa & Sall

Antonio D’Africa & Sall are two DJs and producers from Milan who have worked with labels ranging from Ramon Tapia’s Say What? to The YellowHead’s Reload. Their track “Heaven Closer” is a main floor driving techno tune that is meant to be played fast and loud, and gets straight to the point with its hard-hitting groove.

„1991“ by Ingrid IT

Next up is Italy’s Ingrid with her old-school influenced track “1991”, which has a classic warehouse vibe with shimmering arpeggios. Taking its title from the trippy vocal loop, the track is in the style Ingrid has previously showcased on labels like Frankyeffe’s RXC and Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records.

„Musica“ by Ramiro Lopez

Never slowing down, Spanish techno wizard Ramiro Lopez is known best for his heavyweight releases on Drumcode, Terminal M and his own Odd Recordings. He closes the EP with his hypnotic techno cut “Musica” which blends analogue textures with fast-flowing percussion.

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