Facts and Numbers

For better transparency of Rave The Planet you will find an overview of the financing of the fundraising project.

As a non-profit organisation, we want to be as transparent as possible, both generally and financially. Therefore we have put together some facts and statistics on this page to show you who received how much money for which service. The start-up financing was completely provided by private funds of our shareholders. The figures below are not a loan for Rave The Planet, but their private investment in the project.

As the project progresses we will update this page regularly and feed it with more information. You have questions? Write us via our contact form.

Financing of the model & the exhibition

The following costs were incurred in the development and construction of the Fundraving model:

Transparency Financing

  Die Filmbauarbeiter
  GmbH & Co KG

€ 23,500.00
  Bimicon GmbH€ 8,795.00
  BZW Blechzentrum
  Weißensee GmbH
€ 36,750.00
  LEX Autovermietung
  Transport- und Vermiet GmbH

€ 1,500.00
Electronics & Light 
  Black Box Music
  Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH

€ 628.00

  Christian Kohl
  Veranstaltungstechnik e.K.
€ 7,563.00
  Olighting – Oliver Großmann€ 7,540.00
  Ralf Jerominek

€ 4,241.00
Fundraving Model 
  Arte Werbung€ 13,106.00
  Contura Modellbau€ 74,663.00
  Die Filmbauarbeiter
  GmbH & Co KG
€ 36,782.00
  spree systems GmbH€ 5,078.00
  3D Printer

€ 4,000.00
Model Figures 
  Paul M. Preiser GmbH
€ 10,000.00
  Ye Ye Enterprise€ 33,000.00

Partner locations


 Transparency Partner Locations


Funding of art and culture

Funding of art and culture, education and charity in the sense of § 53 No. 2 AO (Abgabenordnung = German Tax Code).

Zug der Liebe e.V., Pfarrstr. 129, 10317 Berlin: 15.000,00 €


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