Let’s Talk Numbers

After parties:

09 July, 2022
Together Again
A*S*Y*S & Kai Tracid
“Rave The Planet”


Clean-Up Day:
Cleaned area:

10 July, 2022
Großer Tiergarten Park
134 ac


Speeches (a-z)

Alexander Krüger, Artur Wojtczak, Dr. Matthias Pasdzierny, Dr. Motte, Dr. Sissy Kraus, Marc Wohlrabe, Miriam Witz & Michael Bohmeyer

Caren Lay, Dimitri Hegemann

Floats (a-z)

Anomalie Art Club (Berlin, GER) & Valerio Sinatra (SE), B:EAST Berlin & Revolverparty (GER), Der weiße Hase Club (Berlin, GER), Disconnekt & Gegen Berlin (GER), Freak de L’Afrique (Berlin, GER), Free People Collective (BE), Freigeist Open Air (Cologne, GER), Indielectrik (GER), Lichtparade (Cologne, GER), Ostfunk & Goanautika (Berlin, GER), Independent Polish Underground (PL), PRU Y RVU & Das Techno Team (Berlin GER, Kyiv UKR), Rave The Planet (Berlin GER), SOS Save Our Scene UK (London, UK), Ship of Fools (NL), Sustainable Culture Float hosted by Open Beatz & Sommerliebe Festival (GER), Travelling Hedgehog (EST), Tyme Cristals (Berlin, GER)

Artists (a-z)

6MK, A*S*Y*S, Ace Ventura, Alan Oey, Alan Oldham a.k.a. DJ T-1000, Alex Stein, Alexander Kowalski, AN/KA, Anna Leevia, Asch Pintura, Atonism, Ave, Basstronauten, Ben Manson, Ben Remus, BioTec, Błażej Malinowski, Bloody Mary, Breyth, Capti Rando, Carmen Lisa, Carsten Halm, Catom, Christian Smith, Con Tacto, Conradq, Criss Source, Cristian Marras, Curd & Mia, Daniel Boon, Das schwarze Schaf, DeKai, Deniz Bul, Der Schaffner, DJ AGNY, DJ Donna, DJ Piccell, DJ Rocksteady, dj zwart, Dr. Motte, Drauf&Dran, Dtekk, Ernesto Altés, Esther Dune, Eva Selezneva, Flavia Laus, Franky-B, Frau Beji, Goffbaby, Gysèle de Saint-Obin, Haito, Halley Seidel, Hannah Addams, Hardy Hard, Harvey Mckay, Hashtaga, HAYEK, Hobie, Holiday80, Isabelle Beacuamp, Ivo Naries, Java Lee, Jean-Philippe, JNFK, Joe Egassy, Juan Atkins, Juli Lee, Juliet Fox, Kaamzs, Kai Tracid, Kaiserdisco, Kasumi, Klanglos, Kojak, Last Robots, Lolita, Løus, Luigi Madonna, Lukinu, Lypovsky, M.R.C., Magna Pia, Maharti, Manuel from Cologne, Mar/us, Marcel DB, Marhu, Mark Dekoda, Masarini, Maschine, Matthieu & Kluke, Meg, Merz.79, Metaraph, Mha Iri, Mia Aurora, Michael Klein, Mijk van Dijk, Mike Starr, Mira Falkenstein, MISTRAL, MIURA, Monty Luke, Møvenmann, Mr. English, My Friend, myu:sa, Nakadia, Noemi Black, NOHAR, Noirnor, Norman Weber, Occult Rituals, OCD, OH!, Olmatri, Pagano, Patrik Berg, Paul Brtschitsch, Paulo Alves, PETDuo, Pierce Treude, PUK, Querox, Ralph Ballschuh, Richie Blacker, , Ritual Cycles, RONY GROUP, Ruslan Mays, Samantha Togni, Selene, Senthia, Sisko Electrofanatik, Smashbrothers DJ Team, Soma TechnoPlanet, Sophie Kah, Spinxa, Stallo, Stefano Richetta, Stephan Fischer, Stephanie Sykes, Strøm, Suzan, Szafran, Tempoespacio, Tomasz Guiddo, Truant, Ukai Ndame, UNCNSRD, V.A.R.R., Valerio Sinatra, Villem Vatter, Vinicius Honorio, Virtual Geisha, VSK, walt.ur, Walter Griot, Wanton, Welticke, Westbam, Yunbinos

After Parties

Anomalie Art Club, Der weiße Hase, Ostfunk & Goanautika @ Ost Club, B:EAST & Revolverparty @ Kesselhaus (queer after party🏳️‍🌈)

Sunday Open Air @ Ost Hafen, Rave The Planet Official Closing – B:EAST Open Air @ Sage Beach

demo route 2022

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Donate for the Parade

The Rave The Planet Parade is a cultural-political dance and music demonstration for and from the techno and electronic music community. We put it together with a pure love for the culture, not seeking profits (we’re a non-profit organization), but aiming to benefit and support the electronic music culture.

Still, organizing the parade costs a lot of money. To cover these expenses, the financing is based on two cornerstones: sponsors, i.e. companies or organizations that support us with money or other resources, and donations.

Both are equally important to ensure the parade can happen.

Thanks for your support!


Partners & Sponsors


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