Beats & Beyond #1
– Techno Livetalk

Alex Puschner // Human Colours
Ana Milic // Kittball Records
Dr. Motte // drmotte.de, Berlin
Mijk van Dijk // Microglobe, Sony, Frogman
Stefan Baumann // junk-E-vents
Tomasz Guiddo // Compost, Fine Coincidence


On January 25, 2024, we kick off our new event series, “BEATS & BEYOND – Techno Livetalks by Rave The Planet”. Across four event dates from January to April 2024 at Bar “Lütze” im Hotel Berlin, Berlin, we and many fascinating guests will delve into the intricacies of techno and parade culture.

The theme of the first live talk is: Float Insiders – How to create a parade float?

Get to know the people behind the floats and be inspired by their experiences. Who are they? What motivates them? What are their learnings from the parade 2023? What should you consider when applying for a float? What matters in the execution?

In the following Q&A session, you can ask your questions and gather valuable tips for your own float applications for the Rave The Planet Parade 2024 – LOVE IS STRONGER.



  • Alex Puschner (Human Colours Float 2023)
  • Ana Milic (Kittball Records Float 2023)
  • Mijk van Dijk (DJ, Producer, Save The Planet Float 2023)
  • Stefan Baumann (junk-E-vents Firetruck Float 2023)



  • Dr. Motte
  • Tomasz Guiddo


🗣 The panels will be conducted in German.

🎟 Free. No need to RSVP – just come and join us!

♿ The venue is wheelchair accessible.


Apply now with your own float for Parade 2024!




Beats & Beyond – Techno Livetalks by Rave The Planet

Join us as we take you behind the scenes of the Rave The Planet Parade, providing unique insights. Meet artists, insiders, experts, and the Rave-The-Planet team live at interesting panels. Engage in discussions and receive personal answers to your questions about the event topics. Look forward to delightful DJ sets by Rave-The-Planet-Residents and guest DJs.

Admission is free. Donations are always welcome!



  • 25 January, 2024: Float-Insiders – Wie macht man einen Parade-Float?
  • 29 February, 2024: Party vs. Protest? – Ravekultur, Paraden & Aktivismus
  • 28 March, 2024: Rave & Save The Planet – Sustainability in the Music Industry
  • 25 April, 2024: FAQ-Day for the Rave The Planet Parade 2024 (incl. livestream)



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event info

Start:25.01.2024 @ 18:00
End:25.01.2024 @ 21:30
Venue:Hotel Berlin, Berlin
Genres:Culture, Kultur

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