#GreenSaturday: 6th Clean-Up Day

Crew, Friends & Volunteers // everybody's welcome


Clean-ups are a tradition at Rave The Planet and happen several times a year, not just after the parade. So far, we’ve cleaned up the Tiergarten park five times. Feel free to check out our report on the two clean-ups after the Rave The Planet Parade 2023.

On November 25, 2023, we want to make another statement with you: against excessive consumption, for more environmental protection and sustainability.

Together, we will clean up thoroughly – both the trash and any prejudices against ravers and techno culture. Nature and our beloved Tiergarten are close to our hearts, so get involved, take responsibility, and send a positive message together!

We welcome every helping hand and appreciate the ongoing collaboration with the Mitte-Tiergarten Green Spaces Office, support from the BSR Kehrenbürger project for materials, and the openness of the Mitte District Office. Thank you!


Meeting Point:

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Gloves, grabbers, vests, and trash bags will be provided by the BSR Kehrenbürger project. However, you are welcome to bring your own equipment.



Wear sturdy shoes and weather-resistant clothing. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast.


#GreenSaturday – What’s it all about?

The so-called “Black Friday” has extended into the “Black Week” over the years. Millions of people worldwide go on a hunt for supposed “bargains,” buying a lot of unnecessary items and generating tons of waste.

The following “Cyber Monday” – the start of Christmas sales in online shops – is meant to further extend the cycle of consumption. Billions are made in just a few days, while resource waste and questionable production conditions take a back seat. Human rights and environmental protection are overshadowed by bargain prices!

With our 6th Clean-Up Day, between “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” we make a clear statement by turning Saturday into #GreenSaturday. For a livable planet where future generations can party healthy and peacefully.


Why the Tiergarten Park again?

Because as children of the Berlin Love Parade, we have a personal connection to this place. We’ve experienced stories there that others can hardly imagine. We’ve danced naked in the rain and sweated peace into the ground together. The green heart of Berlin has brought our hearts closer and given us an indescribable sense of unity.

The Tiergarten has been the stage for our lived dream of a better world for decades and should always remain so. That’s why we want to pay our respects to this special spot on Earth and cherish it as a place of longing for electronic music culture.


Berlin is too far for you?

No problem at all! Unfortunately, littering happens almost everywhere, and there’s surely a place near you that could use a little care and love, right?

So, why not organize your own Clean-Up for #GreenSaturday? The more people participate and the more places we involve, the better!

LOVE the planet – RAVE the planet – SAVE the planet! 



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event info

Start:25.11.2023 @ 11:00
End:25.11.2023 @ 16:00
Genres:Environmental protection, Umweltschutz

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