Instant Rave #007 w/ QueerClubbing.TV

DJ Divinty // GMF, Berlin
Shimmy G // Berlin
Strøm // Citysense Records, Berlin






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༺ Shimmy G ༻

A feel good DJ whose sound instantly transforms into an energy that takes over the crowd. BANG in East London and the legendary Ministry of Sound were among the the first places to hear Shimmy G’s signature mix of Tribal, Techhouse and Techno. She has recently relocated to Berlin from Lebanon, where she’s filled outdoor and indoor venues as big as the Forum du Beyrouth, Portal 2 and Sandance by Forestronika. She makes it impossible not to feel her electric vibes wherever she plays.

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༺ DJ Divinity ༻

DJ Divinity is an established name in the German House scene. Since the early 90s he is already part of it and it’s hard to imagine the scene without him. He discovered his passion for house music through the powerful-voiced detour from gospel and “Sounds of Blackness” and got his musical coinage in P-Funk.

Divinity is more than just a DJ, his gigs more than performances. He lives the act and gives it everything: “People don’t come because of the mix, but because of the music – and if you give people party, they party. As he loves his music, so he loves his audience and that’s why the message of the “divine” is: LOVE.

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༺ Strøm ༻

Born in Frankfurt and based in Berlin, Stroem unites his love to the north with an exciting mix of melodic & techno music in his cosmopolitical world of sound. His sets and appearences in clubs like KitKat Berlin, Bootshaus and LIV Miami show the versatility of his sounds and take his listeners on a trip across an unknown sound-universe.

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14:30-15:30 Shimmy G
15:45-16:45 DJ Divinity
17:00-18:00 Strøm

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event info

Start:11.04.2020 @ 14:30
End:11.04.2020 @ 18:00
Venue:Planet Earth
Genres:House, House, Techhouse

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