Instant Rave #018 w/ Deichbrand & Senso Sounds

Oliver Huntemann // DJ // Senso Sounds, Kontor, Bedrock Rec.
Anahit Vardayan // DJ // Senso Sounds, Kitchen Recordings
André Winter // DJ // Senso Sounds, Superstition, Kompakt



Wel­come Deich­brand Fes­ti­val! Every year more than 100 bands, top DJs and live acts per­form at the fes­ti­val. This year, DEICHBRAND AT HOME will be stream­ing from July 16th to 19th and we are very hap­py do the small, offi­cial warm up for the Elec­tro Stage, right from the roof of our Fun­drav­ing con­tain­er in front of the Ger­man Bun­desrat. Join in and enjoy the Instant Rave #018 on June 27th, 2020.



But this time we even have a sec­ond host on board. No one less than Oliv­er Hunte­mans label Sen­so Sound hon­ours us with it’s pres­ence. It counts more than 60 releas­es by inter­na­tion­al artists and stands for finest under­ground tech­no. A warm wel­come at Rave The Plan­et!



Oliv­er Hunte­mann

Myths abound in the north when it comes to tech­no ground zero, and they refuse to go away. Oliv­er Hunte­mann is one of a hand­ful of chil­dren of the north who, for what seems like an eter­ni­ty, add an ele­ment of cre­dence to the mythol­o­gy. Shards of Ger­man Engi­neer­ing glim­mer in his music, laced with per­sua­sive log­ic, grue­some Dar­win­ism. What remains: what works.

The result­ing cre­ations are lin­ear, free of fan­cy, charm­ing­ly direct. The nature of his skele­tal sound as could be titled as “bare and striped back to the metal­lic core“ – where­by Huntemann’s reduc­tion does not end in thin min­i­mal­ism, it draws atten­tion to the core itself. Less is more to the max. The only lux­u­ry is a lit­tle dirt. Whilst hordes of Ger­man pro­duc­ers and DJs set sails for Berlin, Oliv­er Hunte­mann chose to head back home to Ham­burg.

Fol­low Oliv­er Hunte­mann:



Anahit Var­danyan

Born in Arme­nia, Anahit was hooked to the piano since her very ear­ly days. She moved to Ger­many in 2016, pumped with pas­sion for music. Being con­stant­ly in the stu­dio to work on her dark and melod­ic com­po­si­tions. As a per­fec­tion­ist, she spends as much time as pos­si­ble there. Dur­ing the week­ends Anahit presents her­self on stage. With appear­ances on fes­ti­vals like Deich­brand, Old­enbo­ra, Helene Beach and the Antaris Project.

Fol­low Anahit Var­danyan:



André Win­ter

Yes, André Win­ter is one of those peo­ple, who with their first breath of air, real­ize that their heart beats tech­no. He became inter­est­ed in elec­tron­ic music quite ear­ly. One of his first releas­es on Injec­tion Records in the ear­ly 90s (under the Motion Unit alias), still is a real acid trea­sure. After­wards he kept on spend­ing all his pock­et mon­ey on the typ­i­cal Roland hard­ware and released his music on labels such as Con­fused Record­ings, Super­sti­tion, Kom­pakt and Oliv­er Huntemann’s SENSO SOUNDS. His stu­dio offers a real time trav­el adven­ture through techno’s his­to­ry. André pro­duced and col­lab­o­rat­ed with artists like Humate, Oliv­er Hunte­mann, Dub­fire & Hunte­mann and worked on remix­es for the Chem­i­cal Broth­ers, Under­world and Antho­ny Rother.

Fol­low André Win­ter:




14:30–15:30 André Win­ter
15:45–16:45 Anahit Var­danyan
17:00–18:00 Oliv­er Hunte­mann


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event info

Start:27.06.2020 @ 14:30
End:27.06.2020 @ 18:00
Venue:Planet Earth

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