Instant Rave #018 w/ Deichbrand & Senso Sounds

Oliver Huntemann // Senso Sounds, Kontor, Bedrock Rec.
Anahit Vardayan // Senso Sounds, Kitchen Recordings
André Winter // Senso Sounds, Superstition, Kompakt



Welcome Deichbrand Festival! Every year more than 100 bands, top DJs and live acts perform at the festival. This year, DEICHBRAND AT HOME will be streaming from July 16th to 19th and we are very happy do the small, official warm up for the Electro Stage, right from the roof of our Fundraving container in front of the German Bundesrat. Join in and enjoy the Instant Rave #018 on June 27th, 2020.



But this time we even have a second host on board. No one less than Oliver Huntemans label Senso Sound honours us with it’s presence. It counts more than 60 releases by international artists and stands for finest underground techno. A warm welcome at Rave The Planet!



Oliver Huntemann

Myths abound in the north when it comes to techno ground zero, and they refuse to go away. Oliver Huntemann is one of a handful of children of the north who, for what seems like an eternity, add an element of credence to the mythology. Shards of German Engineering glimmer in his music, laced with persuasive logic, gruesome Darwinism. What remains: what works.

The resulting creations are linear, free of fancy, charmingly direct. The nature of his skeletal sound as could be titled as “bare and striped back to the metallic core“ – whereby Huntemann’s reduction does not end in thin minimalism, it draws attention to the core itself. Less is more to the max. The only luxury is a little dirt. Whilst hordes of German producers and DJs set sails for Berlin, Oliver Huntemann chose to head back home to Hamburg.

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Anahit Vardanyan

Born in Armenia, Anahit was hooked to the piano since her very early days. She moved to Germany in 2016, pumped with passion for music. Being constantly in the studio to work on her dark and melodic compositions. As a perfectionist, she spends as much time as possible there. During the weekends Anahit presents herself on stage. With appearances on festivals like Deichbrand, Oldenbora, Helene Beach and the Antaris Project.

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André Winter

Yes, André Winter is one of those people, who with their first breath of air, realize that their heart beats techno. He became interested in electronic music quite early. One of his first releases on Injection Records in the early 90s (under the Motion Unit alias), still is a real acid treasure. Afterwards he kept on spending all his pocket money on the typical Roland hardware and released his music on labels such as Confused Recordings, Superstition, Kompakt and Oliver Huntemann’s SENSO SOUNDS. His studio offers a real time travel adventure through techno’s history. André produced and collaborated with artists like Humate, Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire & Huntemann and worked on remixes for the Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Anthony Rother.

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14:30-15:30 André Winter
15:45-16:45 Anahit Vardanyan
17:00-18:00 Oliver Huntemann


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event info

Start:27.06.2020 @ 14:30
End:27.06.2020 @ 18:00
Venue:Planet Earth

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