Instant Rave #025 w/ Dangerous Drums

Leeroy Thornhill // Toolroom, ex. The Prodigy
Ed2000 // Dangerous Drums
Soulhunter // Dangerous Drums



Dangerous Drums

The first Dangerous Drums event ever happened on NYE 1998. Dangerous Drums started as a home for Big Beat which in 1998 was a brand new sound. Since then we have stayed true to this idea, that we provide a stage for artists and djs who are creating innovative and original dance musics. We don’t stick to any one style, whichever new style fulfills our criteria has a home with dangerous drums. When a style becomes generic and predictable and relies heavily on a formula we tend to move on to something newer and fresher. If a style redefines itself and is once again fresh and relevant, we welcome and support is. Generally Dangerous Drums is a heavier bass driven ritualistic club sound. At present Dangerous Drums is co-run by Dj Vela, Soulhunter and Ed2000 and is currently resident in Gretchen and Weisse Hase both in Berlin.



Leeroy Thornhill

Leeroy Thornhill has been an active musician & dancer for thirty years and it is still his passion. British artist has an impressive biography, he used to be a live keyboardist and dancer for Prodigy and currently works with the German artist Marten Hørger under the name Smash Hifi.

“Taking something you’ve produced, playing it on your set, and getting a reaction to share that connection with the crowd is a high like no other.“


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Ed2000 played about 4000 gigs within the last 40 years, since his first booking in Soho London, 1978. He still thinks djing is the greatest job which he does with passion & love till then. Also he’s running 2 radio shows right now (Cashmere Berlin & Face Radio Brooklyn NYC), he runs Dub Intervention since 2014 and also co-runs Dangerous Drums since 1998. Ed2000 prefers to Dj with his own edited versions of those tracks he feels passionate about, adding samples and efx on the fly.




Soulhunter is since more than 15 years active in Berlins scene and played famous Locations like Maria am Ostbahnhof and Tresor. Expect Breakbeats and Bass heavy Sounds, guaranteed to make you move!


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+++ Timetable +++

17:30-18:30 Soulhunter
18:45-19:45 Ed2000
20:00-21:00 Leeroy Thornhill

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event info

Start:11.09.2020 @ 17:30
End:11.09.2020 @ 21:00
Venue:Planet Earth

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