Capturing Moments: Nenad Blažin

Portrait of a passionate photographer

In the world of Techno, moments are often fleeting. Thankfully, there are people who use their passion for photography to capture these precious moments for eternity. We came across a photographer on social media who does just that – Nenad Blažin.

He has provided us with his complete photo series of the Parade 2023 to share with you and the world. We are absolutely thrilled and deeply grateful for this generous gesture. So, let’s get to know the creative mind behind the camera.


Childhood in Serbia

Born and raised in Serbia with Hungarian-Serbian heritage, Nenad Blažin began his journey into the world of photography in the early ’90s. That’s when he got his first analog camera. It was a long-awaited gift from his mother when he was still in elementary school. It would lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with photography.

The first roll of film was snapped up within an hour. But in times of scarcity and sanctions, it was challenging to acquire new films or even afford them. His newfound enthusiasm took a hit.

The sanctions were lifted in the early 2000s, and digital cameras began to replace their analog predecessors. Nenad could finally pursue his love for photography in the new digital format.


People and Emotions

The digital era led Nenad Blažin into the world of commercial photography, where he was hired for a variety of events. However, his passion has always been portrait photography – capturing emotions, expressions, and the true essence of people. Whether joy or sorrow, Nenad almost effortlessly managed to authentically capture the entire range of human emotions in his photographs.

With nearly 30 years of experience, including over one decade as a professional photographer, Nenad still feels like he’s at the beginning of his journey. Many photographers shaped his style and influenced his perspective. Now, he is ready to express his unique creative visual language, in his new home, Berlin. With a camera in hand and his focus always on the people in front of it.


Adventure Ahead

Nenad Blažin undoubtedly represents photography that is more than just visual aesthetics. His pictures tell stories, capture the spirit of the moment, and delve into the depths of the human soul.

He has turned his love for photography into a profession. His journey reminds us that true dedication is unbeatable, and our personal limits are meant to be surpassed. Nenad’s gaze into the future is filled with curiosity and a thirst for adventure – a true inspiration!


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