The Tolerance Paradox

Guest article by Grille (Toxic Family)

We are avid readers of the Toxic Family newsletter. Author Grille has a special gift for writing inspiring texts. In the newsletter from the 18th of October 2023, one thing in particular spoke to us: the “tolerance paradox” in the techno scene.

Do you know the saying “zero tolerance for intolerance“? That’s exactly what it’s about and so as not to spoil anything, we’ll start directly with Grille’s text.

Tolerance in the context of techno scene

There is the so-called tolerance paradox. This describes the challenge that arises when a society is so tolerant that it does not limit intolerance. It says that too much tolerance of intolerant views or behaviors can ultimately endanger tolerance in society.

To make it clear in the context of the techno scene: The techno scene for everyone, regardless of skin color, religion or sexual orientation. But the tolerance of the scene ends where racism, fascism, queer hostility or other radical views and intentions towards people and minorities exist. Because that is exactly what endangers our togetherness and also our scene.

Techno and electronic music are a universal language that can connect people of different nations in a wonderful way. This was also one of the reasons why I was once so fascinated by the scene.As a shy, somewhat introverted teenager, I had trouble feeling like I belonged in a particular scene. An evening of techno, trance and acid quickly showed me where my home was. It was not only the fascinating music that attracted me, but also the friendly togetherness and the feeling of security in the midst of all these unknown people.

This is a feeling that many of you can certainly relate to, and many newcomers to the scene may still be experiencing it for the first time. Because despite many changes and increasing commercialization over the years, this feeling still exists today. To preserve it, it’s important to protect it. In my case, I try to use my reach to stand up for what I care about. If not now, then when?

Thank you Grille for allowing us to share this text here!


About The Author

Grille is the creative mind and driving force behind the Toxic Family. On September 1, 1999, the project started as a small website. The idea was to create a platform for expressing the enthusiasm for electronic music. In a short time, the site became a focal point for music lovers, fans of the associated lifestyle, as well as the club and event scene.

As an artist, Grille has been an integral member of the nightlife in Frankfurt for years. There is hardly a club in the city where he has not played. He was a guest on “YouFM Clubnight” and hosts his own show on Frankfurt’s local radio station Radio X with “Tofa Nightshift” together with Papa Johann. He has been one of the residents at Tanzhaus West club, where he also regularly performs as an artist at major events.

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