Fundraising update

How many donations? What's the shortfall?

The Rave The Planet Parade 2023 was quite impressive. A musical happening and a peaceful protest by and for the techno scene. But along the way, we faced major challenges that almost threw us off kilter.

Shortly before the parade, problems with the paramedic service occured, which unexpectedly terminated the partnership. You can find out the details of what actually transpired and read our official statement on the matter here.

Having eventually found a replacement after an extensive search, the assembly authority of the city of Berlin, by official notice, imposed the full financial burden on us. In order to cope with this substantial and unforeseen sum and to even make the parade possible, we initiated a fundraising campaign on and appealed for assistance publicly. (Note: In Germany, the expenses for a paramedic service at demonstrations are typically covered by public authorities or the city. If these costs are assigned to the organizers, the principles of proportionality and using the least restrictive means must be upheld.)

Current donations

Around 6,340 people have so far supported and donated to this campaign. Thereby already €94,567.91* have been collected. THANK YOU! 🙏 🙏 🙏

GoFundMe ➔ €25,255.72
PayPal ➔ €46,044.94
Konto** ➔ €23,267.25
= Total donations ➔ €94,567.91*

*As of August 17th, 2023
**Includes donations via Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok
FYI: All amounts above are net, platform fees have already been deducted

On top of that, there is another €40,000.00 that we had previously set aside for the paramedic services. So the total is €134,567.91.

The Future is ours… Is it?

Despite this great progress, we haven’t reached our goal yet, as the total costs for the medical service amount to €215,366.57, including accommodation expenses. We are still short by €80,798.66.

In order to start planning for the 2024 parade, we first need to raise this amount. Our team is working tirelessly on ideas and solutions in the background but we still need your help.

We are convinced: Together with you, we can succeed!

Please share our GoFundMe campaign with your friends and on social media, e.g. in news groups etc. Please use the hashtags #RaveThePlanet and #SaveTheParade. Your support is essential and so we are happy and grateful to have you by our side. 🎶🙌

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