Special Award handed over

"Munoludy" for Dr. Motte & Rave The Planet

The editorial team at Muno.pl has frequently and extensively covered Rave The Planet and the Parade. Paweł Chałupa shared his story, Artur Wojtczak detailed the comeback journey, and several interviews were conducted with Dr. Motte, the father of the Berlin Loveparade.

In 2022, the readers of Muno.pl voted Dr. Motte and Rave The Planet as winners of the prestigious “Munoludy” special award. On July 8, 2023, just before the start of the “Rave The Planet Parade 2023 – MUSIC IS THE ANSWER,” this award was finally handed over to us in Berlin.

The editorial team writes:

“We – as the editorial staff of Muno.pl – had the pleasure and honor to be part of the Polish platform, which, together with a crowd of thousands, went through the streets of Berlin in a colorful and loud procession. To all the individuals and entities that made this possible, we thank you.

But our strongest thanks go to Matthias Roeingh aka Dr. Motte, and the legendary movement he created, whose return was as much needed as ever. Love Parade, at its roots, is first and foremost a social movement that – thanks to music, which became a glue that integrated people and a platform for common action – made a real difference and became a phenomenon with invaluable pop-cultural and sociological value.

Rave The Planet carries this value with dignity and pride on its banners. The next generations identify with what. More than 30 years ago, the reason why Dr. Motte brought to life an endeavour that united hundreds of thousands of people with each other: in a peaceful demonstration, in which there is room for everyone who respects another human being and wants to dance next to each other to the rhythms of electronic music.

For accomplishing such a groundbreaking thing, we would like to thank the father of this wonderful initiative and all those who have been involved in the project called Love Parade over the years and have done their best to make it return as Rave The Planet.

We express heartfelt gratitude to the Muno crew and all the readers for this honor. Dziękuję! We are one! 

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