Statement regarding the withdrawal of the Malteser and call for action.

In a time of increasing social divisions and conflicts worldwide, the demonstration “Rave The Planet Parade” in 2022 proved to be a beacon for diversity, cultural versatility and peace. With its enormous significance for the city of Berlin as well as outside of Germany, Rave The Planet represents a groundbreaking initiative that appeals to a broad audience and highlights the importance of shared values.

After our press conference on Monday, July 3rd, 2023, Malteser Hilfsdienst e.V. issued a statement regarding the incidents. We must correct the statement made therein, in order to put the actual facts in perspective.

The Malteser had proactively contacted us in March 2023 and offered to provide paramedical security for the assembly. After several promising preliminary discussions, Malteser already participated in the 2nd round of cooperation meetings with the Berlin authorities on May 16th. There, the route of the demonstration was finalized and the first adjustments to the security concept were discussed. Malteser informed for the first time that they would not be able to provide the announced, comprehensive paramedical security on their own and that this would be done with the help of other services, which is common in the industry.

Malteser also participated in the 3rd cooperation meeting on June 8th, in which the paramedical security concept was further discussed and supplemented by a joint action plan together with the authorities. The first infrastructural plans were also discussed with Malteser, such as locations for medical tents. Special requests such as electricity and water supply as well as toilets were partly organized already during that meeting, and the corresponding orders were placed with external service providers, such as our catering partner.

Afterwards, we asked several times by e-mail for further details and asked what additional work the Malteser needed from our side. Until the day of the cancellation of the cooperation, June 21st, 2023, there was no response at all.

All our efforts to find an adequate replacement were rejected by non-commercial ambulance services. We were also turned down by commercial service providers, possibly due to messages, forwarded to us from various sources that went viral through the relevant industry communication groups. The messages stated, “… the Berlin aid organisations have collectively decided not to be involved.”

Furthermore, it was recommended that, should a request come from us, they should not make an offer. In this way, we were preemptively prevented from finding and mobilizing adequate replacements.

We are calling on all aid organizations and ambulance services to end this blockade immediately and to live up to the standards and ethical guidelines for providing assistance.

We are convinced that if we could return to the negotiating table and join forces, we will be able to find a goal-oriented solution, so that the demonstration, this coming Saturday, on July 8th, 2023, can be carried out successfully and safely.



We have just received the notice from the Berlin Assembly Authority, in which a self-financed paramedical service for the assembly is imposed on us. The matter is currently under legal review by our lawyers.


We are here to answer any questions you may have.


Best regards,

Timm Zeiss, Dr. Motte, Ellen Dosch-Roeingh

& the Rave The Planet Crew

Foto von Nick Fewings auf Unsplash

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