Out Now: Supporter Series Vol. 017

Anthem remixes by Peter Pahn & Mark Reeve

Amidst the resounding echoes of the Rave The Planet parade, the official anthem “Music Is The Answer” receives a spellbinding transformation by the visionary talents of Peter Pahn (Drumcode, Codex, Terminal M) and Mark Reeve (Drumcode, Afterlife, Cocoon, Soma). Join us as we keep the euphoric momentum alive! 


Peter Pahn Remix

Pahn’s reimagining propels the anthem to cosmic dimensions. The melding of the marching and driving sounds creates a sonic journey that resonates with Rave The Planet’s ethos. A supreme ‘peak time’ remix.

„This is a real remix! Great!“ (Jam El Mar)

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Mark Reeve Remix

Mark Reeve seamlessly blends the original anthem’s vocals with his signature futuristic electro-bassline and big synths creating a greater soundscape. The result is a magnificent rework that embodies the thrill of the recent parade and its essence of unity.

„Beautiful, fresh vibe!“ (Dr. Motte)




Again, the brilliant audio quality support comes this time from Mastering-Studio Perla Audio mastering studio. Thank you so much!


Buy music, support rave culture

All proceeds from the sales and streamings of this release go directly into Rave The Planet’s non-profit aims: to protect techno culture as an UNESCO Intangible Heritage and to keep up the spirit of the Berlin Love Parade with the big Rave The Planet demonstration in Berlin.


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