Donation done – what next?

Ideas from Rave The Planet Crew

There is hardly a question we have been asked so often in recent weeks as: “What is the date of the 2024 parade?”. The answer to this question satisfies neither of us, because we simply don’t know.

This is because, in order to start planning for 2024, we first have to pay the bills of this year.

We are still dealing with the costs of the paramedical service, which we had to bear through no fault of our own shortly before the parade. The fundraising campaign on continues and the outstanding amount is getting smaller.

In the meantime, over 6,500 people have supported financially across various platforms, including payments via PayPal or our donation bank account. We have published the last donation report on 21.08.2023 here.

Thanks to you and your great support we could already achieve a lot. THANK YOU!

The last steps are often the most challenging, but the goal is within reach. We are also determined to continue this incredible journey that we all started with the 2022 Parade.

Many of you, who have already donated – some even multiple times – wanted to know how they can still support.   


Here are a few ideas:

  • Share our GoFundMe campaign with your friends and in the socials (for example in Facebook groups). Please use the hashtags #ravetheplanet and #savetheparade
  • Buy a “Rave The Planet Parade 2023” t-shirt or get the official poster from our online store

  • Buy the music from our “Supporter Series”, for example the anthem remixes by Mark Reeve and Peter Pahn (out on 15.09.2023)

  • Share photos and post about your best parade experiences so people understand why the parade is worth supporting

  • Write about it on your blog or for your (local) newspaper or favorite magazine

  • Help us to find more supporters, local entrepreneurs, associations, etc.

  • Creates art, designs or NFTs to benefit the parade


There are so many creative possibilities. If you have more ideas, feel free to write to us at [email protected].




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