Compassion and Sympathy

Thoughts on the latest attacks In Israel & Appeal to Humanity

The brutal terrorist assault on the “SUPERNOVA Sukkot Gathering,” Parallelo Universo Edition, has deeply shaken us all. This attack not only affects Israel and the Jewish community but also targets the entire electronic music family. It was also an attack on alternative lifestyles and diversity, including the LGBTQIA+ community.

We fundamentally and strongly condemn such attacks, regardless of their origin or motivation. Nothing in this world justifies this despicable violence; nothing justifies terrorist attacks that harm, kill, or abduct people. Especially towards children and babies, who are still learning about life. We can no longer find words to describe the heinous actions of the perpetrators and their sympathizers!

We firmly believe that there is absolutely no argumentation that could justify this brutal attack by Hamas. This applies to all other actions that violate human and international law, whether they are called war, terrorist attacks, special operations, or retaliations. The same goes for any possible response to such attacks that contravene international law.

Every person has the right to live in freedom and safety. Each victim of such attacks is one too many. Violence only leads to more violence, and the spiral of hatred and brutality must be stopped now! This is now the responsibility of the international community of nations.

The techno culture stands for peace and togetherness. Therefore, we appeal to all parties involved and their allies to finally work towards a non-violent solution. The path back to peace can only be found through understanding, respect, and humane behavior. We are all part of the human family on this planet – One World, One Family, One Future.

In these difficult times, we want to express our deep compassion for the victims and their families. Our thoughts are especially with the abducted individuals, the severely injured, and their loved ones, for whom we all hope for the best.

The entire team of rave the planet gGmbH:


The entire team of the rave the planet gGmbH:

Dr. Motte
Ellen Dosch-Roeingh
Timm Zeiß
Claudia Schneider
Dorina Rundel
Jan Holtfester
Maik Bielinski
Sebastian Wischmann
Sissy Kraus
Thomas Wiese
Tomasz Guiddo
Vera Papadopoulus
Verena Kleinejasper


Background info on the Middle East conflict

German Politics Podcast “0630” has created a special episode on the topic, taking a closer look at the origins of the Middle East conflict.

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(Only available in German language)

This special was already released on October 4th, before the recent attack on Israel and the Supernova Festival. In our opinion, it provides a good overview of the historical context in the required journalistic neutrality.




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