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(Updated on July 27, 2023)

Transparency is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we would like to give you an update on the current status of our fundraising campaign. Since the beginning of the GoFundMe campaign, we have been working hard to mobilize financial support to secure the future of Rave The Planet Parade.

Today, we are happy to announce that we have already achieved great results so far. Thanks to your generous donations and the dedication of our supporters, we have already raised a total of € 85,526.14 by the reporting date of July 11, 2023 at 12pm.



To show you everything transparently, we would like to give you an overview of the different platforms through which donations were received:

  • PayPal*: € 47,311.28
  • GoFundMe*: € 22,723.00
  • Donation account: € 15,491.86

In total, we have thus received € 85,526.14 in donations. We are overwhelmed by the great support we have received from the Rave The Planet community and beyond. Every single contribution brings us closer to our goal and shows us how much you care about the future of the parade.

*before deduction of platform fees



In addition to the donations received, we would also like to inform you about our current own resources. We had already reserved a budget of € 40,000.00 for the medical service to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. In total, including the donations received, we now have a total of € 122.376,80.



In order to give you a comprehensive insight, we would also like to inform you about the preliminary cost calculation of the medical service. The last calculated costs amount to a total of € 220,366.57.


DIFFERENCE: € 97,989.77

The difference between our current own funds and the estimated costs is € 97,989.77. This illustrates that we continue to rely on your support to cover the costs incurred and thus ensure the future of the parade.



The difference amount was updated on July 27, 2023 because the original amount of € 88,855.71 included receipts from online shop sales. The updated value, as stated above, does not include these receipts.



The decision whether there will be another Rave The Planet Parade in 2024 depends largely on the success of our fundraising campaign. We will carefully evaluate how much financial support we receive and whether this will be enough to pay for the unexpected, high additional costs of the medical service.

Your donations will play a critical role in whether or not we can make the parade a reality next year.

Finally, we would like to once again express our sincere gratitude for your tremendous support. Every donation brings us closer to our goal and makes it possible to continue Rave The Planet Parade as a unique experience for the electronic music community.

We will keep you updated regularly on the progress of our fundraising campaign and the decision for 2024. Together, we can save the Rave The Planet Parade!

Save The Parade – Donate Now!


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