Instant Raves in Berlin

3 hours, 3 artists, free & open air

Since 26 January 2020 we have been organizing “Instant Raves” at our Fundraving Model in Berlin. What this is all about you can find out here.

Instant Rave – that sounds like something tasty for a short break, doesn’t it? That’s exactly the idea behind it: 3 hours, 3 artists, free and open air. We’ll mostly…

Every two weeks we invite artists, labels, clubs or promoters to present their music and ideas. Every genre is welcome, because we love the variety of electronic music. Check out the dates in the events on our website.

Starting on March 14th there will also be livestreams of every Instant Rave on our Facebook page. We provide the equipment and the space for the art and culture free of charge.

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If you are interested to participate you can send us a message via the contact form.

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