Date Is Set: New Parade To Take Place In July 2021

Rave The Planet Parade is officially registered

Big news for all fans of elec­tron­ic music: The Rave The Plan­et Parade is offi­cial­ly reg­is­tered and will take place on the tra­di­tion­al Lovepa­rade week­end. On Sat­ur­day 10 July, 2021, we want to rave the plan­et with you.

It's all or nothing:

❤️ DONATE & RAVE: ❤️

If we suc­ceed in col­lect­ing at least € 1.5 mio with our Fun­drav­ing by the end of the year, the dream of the new, big elec­tron­ic music parade will final­ly come true!

Now it’s up to you and the mil­lions of ravers out there:

Do you want to celebrate on the worlds biggest dance floor?

We are ready! We have the date, the plan, the wo*men pow­er and real­ly go for it. Are you in?

Join us and sup­port our Fun­drav­ing cam­paign. Become a Fun­draver and spread the word. Share and tag Rave The Plan­et in your posts and sto­ries.



Fundraving - Here's how it works:

Icon Euro

1. Donate anything from €5 up for a model figure of your choice. >Click<

Icon Raver Solo

2. We'll place your figure on the Fundraving model in Berlin.

Icon Raver Trio

3. Now you're a FUNDRAVER!

Icon Raver Group

Become part of a growing, colorful movement and help us to make the dream of the new parade come true. Let's rave the planet!


Head­er-Foto by Sebas­t­ian Wis­chmann


Tear Off Paper

Wanna do more?

Print out our tear-offs an put them up in your area.

Down­load H E R E.

Thanks for your support!


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