We'll move!

Fundraving Model will be moved - join in, rave & win

On August 31st we will dis­man­tle our Fun­drav­ing mod­el and move. The near­ly 50 meter long mod­el of a parade on the Berlin street “Straße des 17. Juni” – the core piece of our fundrais­ing cam­paign for the Rave The Plan­et Parade – would have to be dis­man­tled and rebuilt sev­er­al times at the end of the year, due to some events in the Mall of Berlin. The first time would be in ear­ly September.

Each dis­man­tling and rebuild­ing is asso­ci­at­ed with high costs. That is why we have decid­ed to move the mod­el. We will announce the new loca­tion soon. One thing is cer­tain: The new loca­tion will be rougher, in order to place both the mod­el and the fundrais­er, as well as our many “Instant Rave” live streams, clos­er to our culture.


Rave & Win – Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Win back­stage pass­es for the Rave The Plan­et Parade. Hur­ry up and step by at our old loca­tion. Dance in our amaz­ing mir­ror room to your favourite Lovepa­rade anthem. All details about the dance chal­lenge can be found here.

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