X-Mas Charity 2022

Fashion Designers support Rave The Planet

Every year, time and again… Yes, there are probably fancier openings to be found. But what we’re putting under the Christmas tree for you this year is hard to beat in creativity anyway!

For our X-Mas Chartiy Campaign 2022 we teamed up with four amazing Berlin fashion designers. They upcycled items of our Classic FundWear Collection and mini ravers figurines of our FundRaving Modell and created incredible as unique pieces.

From Sunday, 11 Dec, 2022 you can buy them all via our Ebay store.

All orders until 19 December will be shipped before Christmas*. All orders received after that date can only be processed from 9 January, 2023. So get a move and we’ll do so, too!

*Shipment guaranteed outgoing no later than 20.12.2022. However, we can not guarantee or assume liability for delays in the shipping services.

The Designers


Inclusive fashion for all genders, all ages and all body shapes. Designer Emrah Polywka’s label Adrian Weiss

Adrian Weiss wants to give people more than just a good feeling. The “king of upcycling” (source: Fashion Changers, 2022) breaks the chains of the fashion industry with his sustainable vision and wants to give people of all income levels access to high-quality, handmade products.

That’s why the final price of an item is not fixed, but rather everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to pay the minimum price or a few euros more.


Accessories for every lifestyle, handmade in Berlin. Jewelry designer Melli.Ko founded her label during the pandemic and yet she is no longer a newbie. For a long time now, she’s been a staff member at the SYLD STORE and it’s hard to imagine life there without her. Needless to say, she also has a permanent residency there with her jewelry.

For our X-Mas Charity 2022 Melli.Ko has come up with something really special. Do you remember our FundRaving project? The mini-ravers on the parade model of the Street of June 17 in the Mall of Berlin? For all of you who wished to get a figurine for yourselves, we now have the FundRaving Jewlery Collection by Meli.Ko – unique pieces only!


Dress unique. Stay unique. If you’re looking for Berlin style, you’ll quickly discover Inga Lieckfeldt. With her fashion label “Berlina Pflanze” she stands for premium womenswear since 2013, created and crafted in Berlin – from design to finish.

In fall 2017, Inga opened the SYLD Store in Berlin Friedrichshain and provides a platform for the creative minds of Berlin’s fashion and design scene. “SYLD” stands for “Support Your Local Designers&artists” and is hosting Berlina Pflanze as well as over 25 different designers and artists from Berlin and Germany. The mission is to promote local design and craft as well as to create space and attention for exceptional work.


The Tribe celebrates connectedness, diversity, change – YES TO ALL! 
”Make Love Great Again”, “Think Less Dance More” – the pithy slogans of The Tribe have found their lovers and ambassadors beyond Berlin’s city boundaries. DJs, yogis, bloggers, coaches, artists, sustainability speakers – The Tribe reaches open hearts of all stripes.

Fashion designer and artist Thoas Lindner founded the label in 2016, but he has already been contributing towards shaping the fashion scene in Berlin and Germany for 20 years. Today he works as a freelance artist and author, is a fellow at the Competence Center of the German Federal Cultural and Creative Industries, curator of design events, Qi Gong teacher, Father 2.0 and freebird.

Check out all the designers’ pieces here in the store.

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