Important Parade Update

New Date for Rave The Planet Parade

Sometimes it’s just not enough to do your best. External circumstances must also be on your side. For the Rave The Planet Parade 2021 they are not.

The standards of the project are set very high. Safety and quality come first. Careful organization and realization of a parade need planning reliability and sufficient pre-production time. Neither is given this year.

Even if events could be possible again this summer, in compliance with the necessary protective Covid-19 measures, this wouldn‘t come close to what we have in mind as a worthy successor of the Berlin Love Parade.

We want a big, colorful and free parade.
We want to run laughing into each other’s arms and dance sweaty to the beats of our music.
We want a proper WE, because „WE Are One Family“

After much consideration, we have decided to postpone the parade until next year.

The new date is July 9, 2022.

We’ll surely rave together again! Until then: Keep your ears, eyes, hearts and minds open!

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